Skits for Grandma

A year ago, when we were in America, we helped celebrate my mom’s birthday. One of the things our children did was to perform four skits for the family. Their acting was not very polished, and at first they were pretty nervous, but some of the skits turned out fairly well. I had almost forgotten them, and then someone ran across the video we took of them on a memory card. So, I decided to share them here in case anyone is interested.

The first one is based on a story my dad used to tell. I told this story on my blog a few years ago, here.

The second is based on what one of the children thought he heard once, a number of  years ago.

The third happened about a year and a half ago–and I still laugh to the point of tears when I watch this video.

And the last one needs a bit of explanation! My dad had a phobia of dentists, especially of getting a shot. He would say the needle they used was so big it took three nurses to carry it in.



About Emma

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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