August 2018 Photos

A friend invited our boys to go fishing with him one Saturday, so Gayle went with all the children to Greymouth. The friend had this kontiki, which takes a longline out a kilometer or two from shore, and has a section with a number of hooks on it. They ended up catching one kowai and a shark that got tangled in the line as they were reeling it in.


When they opened up the shark, they found a number of babies inside! They put the babies in the water, and they swam away.


One evening I noticed the most beautiful sunset over the mountains to the west! The colors were much more vivid than my camera was able to capture.


We took another trip to Pancake Rocks with some more friends who came to visit. This time, it was cloudy and misty, but there was a lot of water coming up out of the blowholes!


Simon had a week off work, so he spent some time on his canoe. Here are the first two strips in place!


The boys spent one afternoon digging up weed plants from the paddocks across the road. I was amused to see Mr. Intellectual and Mr. Imagination coming home this way!


Little Miss loves to listen to her grandma read to her. Grandma recorded herself reading a number of picture books, and Little Miss frequently wants to listen to the whole stack of books.36-IMG_4850

Mr. Imagination likes to listen, too! Once the others were finished with school, I let them listen without earphones.


Mr. Imagination found an old pingpong paddle, and made it into a paddle for a canoe! I noticed the blade laying around the other day, though.


I went out to our garden with my camera one evening a few weeks ago, and saw the clouds rolling in over the mountains to the west.


Mr. Imagination and Little Miss dressed their toy monkey up with gloves and shoes, and then wanted a picture. I let Mr. Imagination take the picture—it took about a dozen tries.



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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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