April 2018 Pictures

Ok, time to finish cleaning out the folder of pictures from April. This first set was taken on our way home from Timaru over Easter. We came home via Arthur’s Pass, and I couldn’t believe the colors on this mountain side, which was, I believe, somewhere near Porter’s Pass on the way to Arthur’s. I know we’ve driven past this mountain a number of times, but somehow the light conditions made it just glow, even though the sun wasn’t hitting it.


This was a cloud front we saw. The upper part of the sky is actually a thick cloud, even if it doesn’t quite look like it here.


A few minutes later, it started raining, and poured the rest of our way home!


I often make a batch of “fudge”, with peanut butter, carob powder, coconut oil, and flake coconut. Mr. Diligence loves to cut it up for me so that he can eat some of it, and this time he was clowning around pretending he would eat the whole thing!


Little Miss refused to take her nap this day, and for about the first time in her life she just fell asleep on the couch when she was looking at a book!


Mr. Imagination loves the cats!


This is what I saw in the living room one morning. She told me afterward, “Mommy, I was enjoying that book.”


When some friends from Canterbury came to visit on weekend, we walked down to the river. The boys, of course, had to throw stones.



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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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