We are really enjoying having two kittens in the house! They are about six weeks  old now, and spend a lot of time playing. In fact, they are in my lap right now. Goofball is asleep, and Grizzly is chewing on her (yes, Goofball is sleeping through the chewing!). We gave them their names when they were quite little. Goofball has always been laid back about life, and would relax in our hands from the beginning. She has always liked to lay on her back to sleep or play. Grizzly, on the other hand, complained about everything—hence her name. She has been the favorite of their mother since the beginning, and the one that Princess almost always dragged into the house in the mornings. She would kick and scream the whole way in, rather than curling up like kittens are supposed to. Grizzly took about four weeks to stop crying every time we picked her up, but now she loves people as much as Goofball does.

Here they are at two weeks old.


Three weeks and starting to play.


Mr. Diligence holding them at about four weeks.


Mr. Imagination with Goofball, the one he chose to keep, at a month old.


Five weeks and wrestling. Grizzly is the one on the floor here, kicking at Goofball.



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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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