Nelson Creek

After we visited the gold dredge, we drove to Nelson Creek to explore a bit in an old goldfield. Simon was very happy to drive some of us in his car. He was careful, and never scared his mom! 15-IMG_3478


To get to the swing bridge, we first went through this tunnel.


If you don’t like walking on bridges that bounce, this one is not for you! Even with noone trying to bounce it, it still did a lot. I crossed it, but I really didn’t like it.


Looking upstream from the bridge—yes, it was drizzly.


I thought it was appropriate that the water was somewhat gold-colored!


After we crossed that little side creek, we started up this trail. I couldn’t possibly capture the scenery here; there were steep banks going up both sides of the trail. We were walking at the bottom of a deep ravine. It was amazing to walk through this area!


When we reached this cave, of course everyone had to explore it. It was a mining tunnel dug by the Chinese gold miners in the late 1800s. A creek runs through the bottom of it, into Nelson Creek. We enjoyed seeing glowworms in the ceiling—but our feet got cold! The water was frigid.


This is Simon, in a part of the tunnel some 20 feet above where Esther and Little Miss were standing in the picture above! He was pointing out the marks left by the mining picks in the ceiling around him. It was very dark, and my flash wouldn’t reach to where he was, so that’s why it’s blurry.


Going back through the ravine. The boys explored another tunnel they found, but some of us stayed on the path.


It lightened up a little as we crossed the bridge again going back to the car!



About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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2 Responses to Nelson Creek

  1. LucyL says:

    Could you see 7 states? 😉 j/k, your pictures look an awful lot like the ones I take at Rock City in Tennessee, even down to the swinging bridge!

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