Creation Museum

On our last weekend in Ohio, we went to the Creation Museum. We had been there twice before, but the children really wanted to go again. My nephew who lives in Ohio was turning six that weekend, and he wanted to go, and my sister who lives in Michigan had a birthday that weekend as well, so she and my mom came to Ohio for the weekend. Gayle’s mother and sister, and his brother and his family, also decided to go, so we had a group of around 25 people! We were thankful for people who had guest passes that they allowed us to use to get in. As always, the museum was fascinating.

We spent the morning touring the botanical gardens and the petting zoo. It was very hot and humid, but the gardens were gorgeous.


One of our nieces discussing a huge dinosaur with my mom.


Mr. Diligence with my sister.


Black-eyed Susans always make me think of my dad. They were one of his favorite flowers. He claimed it was because he knew what they were!


There was papyrus growing in the bog garden. I had never seen it before, but recognized it from pictures. Fun to see it for real!


The koi pond was beautiful.


My brother had an extra leash for their wandering toddler, so we put it on Little Miss for awhile.


The Garden of Eden.


The result of the Fall—death.


Life after the Fall—hard work, thorns and thistles to contend with.


Methuselah talked to us about life just before the Flood.


This dinosaur moved and roared!


A diorama depicting people trying to escape from the rising Flood waters.


Praising God after the Flood.


One fascinating room, new since our last visit, held an amazing collection of insects!


Just before we left, Mr. Sweetie and Mr. Intellectual got to hold a snake.



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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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