More Fun Out-and-About in Ohio

A favorite toy while we were at Grandpa’s house was this go-cart. The boys even rode it to their aunt’s house several times! It was under the tree that nearly fell on Mr. Inventor, and got broken, but a cousin welded it together again.


There was a family gathering, for Gayle’s mother’s family, one Sunday afternoon, and they had borrowed this train. It was in use all afternoon; the children never got tired of riding. The men took turns driving!


Mr. Inventor and Mr. Diligence clowning.


One of Gayle’s cousins invited us to swim with her children one day, and the boys loved it.


Little Miss was very cautious, but ended up all wet. She stayed on the steps.


When we went to the same cousin’s home for the evening, her husband offered to take anyone who wanted to up the grain elevator his family runs. Gayle and all the boys went. They were over a hundred feet above the ground here!


A highlight of the climb was seeing Grandpa’s place!


The house at the end of the catwalk is where we were for the evening.


On our last full day in Ohio, we had a picnic at a park in the nearby town. My mom and sister had come from Michigan for the weekend, and my brother and his family who live in Ohio had joined us. We had a lovely afternoon together, and on our way back to Grandpa’s for the evening we stopped to have a quick look at this double-barreled covered bridge.


I remember taking a class here as part of a field trip, some 20 years ago when I taught at the local Christian school. I’ve always loved the view out this window of the bridge!



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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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2 Responses to More Fun Out-and-About in Ohio

  1. Miriam Aaron says:

    The view out the “window” of the bridge IS pretty as a picture! And has a frame too! Sure enjoy your pictures. God’s blessing and guidance to you.

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