The Ark Encounter

While we were in Ohio, we wanted to go to Kentucky to visit Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter. This is a life-size model of Noah’s Ark, with an incredible museum inside showing how Noah and his family could have cared for all the animals and provided for themselves. There are many other amazing exhibits, as well; my favorite was one displaying various Bibles through the centuries. The ones from before the invention of the printing press were especially amazing to me. I was fascinated to see the hand-copied manuscripts. They were so neatly done they looked just as if they had been printed by machine!

Approaching the giant boat: 510 feet long, 55 feet high.IMG_2941

Bird cages and food storage.



Mr. Imagination admiring the bow end of the boat.


There were displays of various animals, each cage representing a different “kind” from which many of today’s animals could have descended. Fascinating!



Noah and his family praying as the Flood began.


The kitchen area. Little Miss stood and stared at this scene for a long time. I believe she thought the person was real and would move! There was a sound recording of someone chopping food, although the mannequin didn’t move.


Ham and his wife in their private quarters.


Something I had never thought of before: They have tiny gardens under the skylight for fresh food! Sure makes sense to me.


One exhibit that really intrigued me was the room that showed Bibles from the past thousand years. These are hand-copied; this first one is a Latin Bible from somewhere around 1200-1300 if I remember correctly, and the second one is from Ethiopia in the 1700-1800s. I couldn’t believe the perfection of the hand-copied Bibles from the Middle Ages! I never dreamed they could be so neat, looking just like a printed book.


Little Miss and her cousin, tired at the end of the day but having fun together.



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