Deeds Carillon Park

Gayle wanted to take our children to a historical park he remembered touring many years ago. We calculated that we were last there 20 years ago, nearly to the day—just after we were engaged! The place has changed a lot since then; they’ve built a huge new entrance building and added a lot of other buildings and exhibits. We spent several hours walking around it and learning about the history of Dayton, Ohio. Little Miss’s favorite thing was the dog stranded on the roof of a house in the building which told the story of the great flood of Dayton in 1913. She thought the dog was real, and wanted to watch it dry off; it looked like it was dripping wet. Mr. Inventor enjoyed the grist mill. I didn’t end up taking any pictures of the exhibits—pictures like that bore me, and I didn’t want to clutter my computer with them!

The name of this road has always amused me. What is a chicken bristle, anyway? We couldn’t figure that one out.


This bell tower is where the park got its name. The owner of the National Cash Register company built it for his wife.


The joys of being a mom—you get asked to pull things out of people’s eyes. DSCF3105


Mr. Imagination


Mr. Sweetie at the Shaker house.


My girls!


Before we got halfway through the village, Little Miss was getting very tired, so when she saw this chair in a pioneer house she made herself at home.


A robin up in a tree at the park.



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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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