Fun at Grandma’s House

If you want to see more pictures from our time in Michigan, please visit Esther’s blog. She has some nice posts up.

During the three weeks we were in Michigan, we stayed at my mom’s house. Gayle and the boys did several jobs she wanted done, and spiffed the place up a bit. Here, Mr. Inventor is mowing areas that the lawn mower can’t reach.


They cut up a lot of logs and split the firewood, and stacked it neatly in a couple of woodsheds.


Mr. Diligence contemplating his next move.


Mr. Inventor and Mr. Diligence in Grandma’s kitchen.




My mom bakes for a number of people each week. This was what she baked one day.


“See my airplane?”


My mom wanted a tree to be cut down, but it was so close to the house that they wanted to tie a rope to it to pull it in the right direction. She didn’t have a rope, so Mr. Intellectual set to work to make one with the old rope machine my dad made some 40 years ago. He had a bit of trouble getting started, but once his dad and Mr. Inventor joined him, they were able to make several 15-metre ropes without too much trouble.


Grandma and Mr. Inventor gave a rope-making demonstration to my brother and his family.


My little people got to see their first toad.


One Sunday afternoon, while the big children were at the state park with their aunt, we gave Mr. Imagination and Little Miss a wading pool. They had fun—until, “She got me wet!” “He got me wet!” And just what is a wading pool for, pray tell?


I took a walk with my mom, and Mr. Imagination and Little Miss, that evening as well. We walked back a lane just south of her house, between orchards and woods.56-IMG_259557-IMG_2596

This groundhog was pretty intent on watching us.



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