Garden Stuff

I sliced a bunch of zucchini for the freezer one day, and decided to try dehydrating some. I sprinkled them with salt, and they are quite good! I did learn that it’s best to oil the trays before putting the zucchini on, or they stick tight. A couple of the children had fun putting the slices of zucchini on the first time.08-IMG_1855


I had never seen a head of cabbage like this one! It had many small heads growing out around the stem, between the leaves.


One of the little boys was quite impressed with the bumblebees on the sunflowers.


One day’s harvest of cucumbers and squash.


Little Miss helped me fill jars of green beans one day. She did a good job of it.


We did an experiment this year with the tomatoes. After reading on the blog of one of Gayle’s cousins how she fertilized her tomatoes with sour milk and had very good results, I decided to try diluting the whey from cheesemaking and the buttermilk we couldn’t use up from making butter, and water the tomatoes with it. To make it a good experiment, we only did that with half the patch. The tomatoes on the right came from the milk-fed tomatoes, and the ones on the left came from the others. I would say the experiment was a success!



About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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2 Responses to Garden Stuff

  1. chickenscratching says:

    The tomato experiment is interesting! Did you water near the roots or how did you apply the buttermilk?

    • NZ Filbruns says:

      Yes, it was poured at the base of the plant. Each plant only got a couple of cups of the diluted whey or buttermilk each time, which averaged out to once every week or two per plant.

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