We have learned a new game this year. It’s very fun, everyone can be involved, and it gets people outside and active. Win, win! This game is called Kubb, and apparently originated in Sweden—possibly as far back as Viking times. Basically, you throw batons to try to knock over pieces of 2x4s, while avoiding a larger piece of wood set up in the center. It’s very easy to make the game—just get yourself a length of 2×4, a length of 1-inch dowel, and a chunk of 4×4. Read the rules on the Wikipedia page here. We’ve learned that Mr. Inventor is the man to have on your team; he almost invariably wins. This game is addictive. I’ve found that you want to keep going, hoping against hope that eventually you’ll actually hit a target! Here are pictures of the game we played together last week.


The spectators. We had to keep moving them out of the playing field. Once, they were stretched out on their tummies, watching us throw!


Sometimes you get to stack up several Kubbs. That makes it easy to knock them down!


We were all amused when Princess chased one of the throwing sticks!


It can be very difficult to get the stack to balance sometimes!


About Emma

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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