Kaikoura Peninsula—High Tide After the Earthquake

On our second trip to Kaikoura after the earthquake, the second Sunday of January, we went to the Peninsula to see what it looked like at high tide.


Here is the same spot at high tide several years ago:1-IMG_0392

We saw this on the way to church. The earthquake caused the side of the road to slump down.


After leaving Kaikoura, as we started driving along the coast we saw this fresh slip, with the digger just starting to clean it up. We got through—but the road closed early that night. (Part of the highway to the south of Kaikoura, the part that was damaged the worst by the quake, is closed every night from 8pm till 6am the next morning.)


This spot looks like an entire section of a hill dropped down, creating a new gully.


The Oaro overbridge—the bridge with which the highway crosses over the railroad—suffered a lot of damage in the quake. We stopped to have a close look.


At both ends of the bridge, the road dropped about a meter. Apparently, the gravel used for fill under the ends jiggled away during the earthquake. Most of the bridges around dropped at both ends, but most only a few inches. This, of course, is unusable; you have to detour around this spot.



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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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