New Look at the Kaikoura Peninsula—Low Tide

During the earthquake, the seafloor rose from one to two meters above the former level. This has dramatically changed some parts of the coastline; in Kaikoura, high tide now is approximately where low tide was before the quake! There are rocks visible now that no one knew about before. We went to the Peninsula last Sunday afternoon, around low tide, to see how different it was. This is how it looked just above low tide in 2010, and up until the earthquake:


This is taken from approximately the same place, now, at about the same stage of the tide:


We walked out to the distant rocks, which we were never able to reach before; there was a channel deep enough to snorkel through even at low tide before the quake. Out there, we discovered a colony of baby seals flopping around on the rocks, making a lot of noise. We saw a few of the mothers come in to feed their babies after several days fishing out at sea. It was just amazing to get to see all that—and then, when we returned to the van at the carpark, we got to see a pod of dolphins jumping offshore. I took several videos of what we were treated to, and Esther helped me put them together, so you can enjoy a tiny glimpse, too.

Here are several more pictures of the Peninsula at sea level:



Most of the family also climbed to the top of the Peninsula; I stayed in the van with the two littlest ones. Here are some pictures Esther took from up there; the first is from several years ago, and the second is the same place now.


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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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2 Responses to New Look at the Kaikoura Peninsula—Low Tide

  1. Lucille Moreno says:

    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing the video of the seals and dolphins that is just so fascinating. Thanks for sharing how life is there in New Zealand. I really reading each blog that you write. In-between you writing and getting together with Lydia it seems we can keep up with you guys even though you are so far from Michigan! Take care, God’s blessings to you. -Lucille

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