End of December 2016 Pictures

Here are the rest of our pictures from December.

Mr. Inventor dropped a piece he needed to work on a pump into our underground cistern, so he put on his swimming trunks and went down into that cold water to retrieve it. He was glad to be able to pick it up with his toes, so he didn’t have to go all the way under. Mr. Diligence took the picture.


Mr. Diligence also took this one. He and Mr. Inventor were perched in an oak tree. Mr. Diligence has a new camera, which he keeps in a case on his belt, so he gets some interesting pictures. I’m glad he lets me look at his memory card sometimes!


Mr. Sweetie, piling up long grass that Mr. Inventor had just mowed, to mulch the garden.


Mr. Diligence was pretty impressed with this egg, about twice the size of a normal hen’s egg! The poor chicken who laid it.


Gayle took Mr. Intellectual and Mr. Diligence on a picnic one Saturday. They walked around a new trail in the Domain, and came across a family of ferrets.


Esther is tying the tomatoes up this year. That should make them easier to pick!


I was pleased to harvest all this the week before Christmas! We’ve gotten a lot more since then.


Little Miss was determined to go help Esther feed the calf!


All dressed up for the Christmas Eve service! Mr. Inventor was a scribe, Mr. Intellectual was Herod, and the other three boys were the Wise Men.


Charades one evening. This was a symphony. The kitten was a violin.


Parallel. No one could guess this one.


A bit of earthquake damage we observed on our way to our picnic on the day after Christmas.



About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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