More of Little Miss

If you get tired of seeing pictures of our little girl, just skip this. We think she’s someone pretty special, and more fun all the time. She is really developing her own personality. This presents some major hurdles at times, because she is so independent, but fun at the same time. A few days ago, we were having family worship in the kitchen. Most of the family was sitting around the table, and I was on my rocking chair in the corner, holding her. She said, “Mommy, please help me.” I asked what she needed help with. She answered something about “the persons.” I asked if she wanted to be at the table with the others—yes, that was what she wanted! This evening, she came to the kitchen with Mr. Imagination’s shoes on. She announced, “Three, four shoes! Seven, eight, ten shoes!” One evening, she fell asleep early, so I laid her on the couch. She ended up putting her feet up on the arm of the couch!


She is determined to help in any way she can. A favorite job is rinsing dishes. Here, she is helping Mr. Inventor.


Think Little Miss and Mr. Imagination enjoyed their blackberry muffins?


She was thrilled to get a new coat!


I ordered some preschool books for Esther to bring home from America for Mr. Imagination. As soon as she unpacked her suitcase, he started coloring in the coloring book from the set. Little Miss grabbed another book and started coloring in it! That wasn’t very popular, so I quickly grabbed an old school book for her. She’s been diligently coloring pictures every day since. One morning I came in from milking and she said, “Mommy, see me picture!” She carefully scribbles over every little picture on a page, and on some of the words that are by themselves. She also likes to draw a picture during family worship; Mr. Intellectual and Mr. Sweetie draw pictures most days while we read, to illustrate a verse from our chapter. After we finish reading, they show us their picture and explain what they drew. The last couple of days, Little Miss has stood up to show off her picture, too! The most important part, to her, is her name, which she asks us to write on the page over and over. She loves her name.


This kitty shirt was in a bag of clothes that was given to us. I wasn’t going to keep it, but she found it and asked her daddy to put it on her. She was so happy I let her have it. She ran outside to jump on the trampoline as soon as she had the shirt on!


She’s very happy to have Esther home from America. For several days, she seemed to be afraid Esther would disappear again, and the first day Esther went back to work, when Little Miss went out to her room and found her gone, she was quite upset. She didn’t want to let go of Esther after she returned. These two pictures show what she was doing at one point, hugging Esther’s legs tightly. I like the way her dress swishes in the bottom picture—this is one little girl who doesn’t hold still! She moves at top speed most of the time! This dress, by the way, was another item she found in the bag of donated clothes. She loves red dresses, so I let her keep it.



About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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