Cave Stream

Gayle has been wanting to explore Cave Stream ever since a week or so after we moved to New Zealand, in 2009. He finally had the chance to do it! The first day we were in the cabin at Cass, he took Mr. Inventor, Mr. Intellectual, and Mr. Diligence to Cave Stream, while the rest of us stayed at the cabin and read, wrote, cooked lunch, or played. The younger two boys weren’t excited about going through the cave and getting soaked in icy water, so just Gayle and Mr. Inventor went through. The cave is over 500 meters long, with a creek flowing through it. In places, the water was waist deep on Gayle, and in other places they had to scramble up waterfalls. It was pitch black in the cave, so they were glad for their headlamps. The other boys carried their shoes around to the end of the cave for them, and explored the trails on the surface.


The adventurers enter the cave!


You can see the cave entrance at the base of the cliff, just on the right side of the river.


This is the exit to the cave. A ladder comes up at the left end of the crack; the water starts plunging down a 3-meter waterfall here. After climbing the ladder, you crawl along the ledge above the water, holding on to a chain.


They have emerged from the cave!


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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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  1. Bonnie Riv says:

    Interesting for sure! Thanks for sharing!!

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