September 2016 Pictures

Little Miss must have found a mud puddle! She loves them. Just recently, she came out while I was milking and found a puddle about six inches in diameter and less than a quarter inch deep. She sure splashed in that tiny bit of water!9-IMG_0714

Mr. Imagination and Little Miss playing at church.


Mr. Inventor and Seth spreading compost. This was the last thing they did together. I was going to assign Seth to do it by himself, but they got into an argument, so I had them do it together. They did, very cheerfully.


Mr. Diligence doing his schoolwork in the morning.


Mr. Intellectual made a pinata for his birthday. This is the first stage.


Mr. Imagination loves to make up tunes on the piano!


Spring flowers!


Mr. Diligence


I sorted our library and organized all the books one afternoon. This was Seth’s bedroom and he was a bit grouchy about the mess—and glad when I got it all cleaned up the same day!


Mr. Imagination and Little Miss


Mr. Inventor and Mr. Diligence like to go to the dump at the end of our road every week. They find some incredible treasures—like this all-metal, antique globe. The picture doesn’t do it justice; it was huge! They were able to sell it for quite a lot. I would have loved to keep it, but it was too big for our house.



About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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