Trip to Dunedin, Part 4—Inside the Train Station

I have never seen mosaics like on the floors inside the Dunedin Train Station. This was the center of the lobby you walked into when you went through the main front door.


This is the landing of the staircase to the second floor,


…and the steps themselves.



The floor all the way around the top was like this:


Looking down from the balcony on the second floor: The top picture in this post is the center of that floor.


The walls around the main lobby are incredible, too!24-DSCF176425-DSCF176639-IMG_0553

And check out the iron work on the stairway railing!


The iron work was the same all the way around the balcony over the lobby.


The rest of the artwork was amazing, too.


I guess these three pictures should have gone with the last post, outside the station, but here they are. This is a close-up of the sculpture on top of the tower:


Even the doors are beautiful!


These plaques are on the inside of each of the pillars in front of the building. I’m guessing that the pictures represent the important or outstanding features of Dunedin.


About Emma

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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1 Response to Trip to Dunedin, Part 4—Inside the Train Station

  1. chickenscratching says:

    Wow, that floor!!! Seems like it would be entertaining to mop. 🙂

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