June 2016 Pictures of Our Little People

My computer finally seems to be fixed. We had to send it back in to be worked on again in late June, and when we got it back and set up again, we ran into the same problem as before. I had to install updates one at a time, because it wasn’t handling more than that. Suddenly, the same problem appeared that we had before, with the computer demanding the product key for Windows 8. We uninstalled the update I had just installed, but nothing changed. I contacted the company—again. However, a day or so later, after a couple more restarts, the demand for that key disappeared! The computer is working perfectly again. What a relief. So, maybe I’ll get back to more regular posting…or maybe not. No promises. Anyway, here are pictures for Grandma of the two littlest during June.

Little Miss asked for some yogurt in her bowl. Then, she stepped in it! What a terrible catastrophe!02-IMG_0059

Little Miss and Mr. Imagination reading stories together.


Mr. Imagination was pretending to be a gorilla.


Little Miss took ashes out of the coal range, and then tried to clean up her mess!


She’s all girl! She likes pretty dresses.


Looking at pictures with big sister.


Playing at Dead Boring (homeschool group).


Esther’s boss gave the little ones a toy lawn mower. Little Miss claims it for her own.


Helping Esther make snickerdoodles.22-IMG_016624-IMG_0190


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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