Little Glimpses into Our Life

A couple of weeks ago, the boys noticed a peacock running along the fence on the north side of this property. The next morning, the peacock was in our paddock, preening and generally making himself at home. We frequently see him showing off his ragged, beautiful tail, and the sounds we hear multiple times through the day make it sound like a zoo here!


I got out this box of milk bottles so I could put milk in the freezer. Looks like the rats got there first. I was glad to hear that the bait we put out is gone; we haven’t seen signs of rats recently (these bottles have been stored in that spot since about March). Why they would eat empty, clean milk bottles, and the calf bottle, is beyond me.


Mr. Imagination


Gayle decided they needed to find out what exactly it was like in the underground water tank. The water level was down to about 2 feet deep, after watering the garden for a couple of days, so he tied a rope around Mr. Diligence and lowered him in. He walked around and reported that the floor is solid concrete, covered with a layer of mud and debris.


I liked this—all the boys laying around the hole, looking in.


The boys found this hedgehog while they were feeding the chickens one evening.


Little Miss was delighted to be able to see the hen with her four chicks!


Mr. Sweetie can read! I found a couple of beginning readers for him the other evening, and he didn’t want to go to bed; he wanted to keep reading. I told him he was allowed to get up early in the morning to read. He didn’t like that idea, but as soon as he was up in the morning he was reading!



About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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One Response to Little Glimpses into Our Life

  1. Pat Wala says:

    What lucky children to have such insightful fun parents! Ive said it before, but you guys are such an inspiration and role models for parents everywhere

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