Little Miss is 11 Months Old

She has learned to do a lot of things in the past month. About two weeks ago, she started walking, and now she goes everywhere she wants. These first two pictures were from about three weeks ago, when she first learned how to go outside by herself without falling on her nose. She would sit down at the edge, swing one foot out, then the other, and then plunk down on her bottom. I love that look on her face! She was so pleased with her accomplishment.IMG_2330IMG_2331

Here, she was quite upset because she was locked out of the kitchen while the floor was being washed. She did her best to pry the door open, screaming in frustration the whole time.


Here, she was very pleased to be able to play with the broad bean pods after we shelled them. It’s so much fun to scatter things!


Just waking up from a nap.


She’s discovered the joy of playing in gravel and dirt in the past couple of weeks. She loves to push it back and forth with her hands.


She worked out how to climb into a box of toys.


All ready for church.


Mr. Imagination loves to play with soft toys, and he lined his dolls and stuffed animals up on my rocking chair one morning. Little Miss was delighted to play with them, too.


Now that she can walk, she loves to carry things around. Here, she found the handle of a croquet mallet. She wanted it in the house, so she threw it in the door, then climbed in herself and walked around brandishing it.


Checking out a Silverbeet (Swiss Chard) leaf.


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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