Last Week’s Science

We are on our summer homeschooling schedule now, which means that instead of school lasting all morning we only do about an hour, besides the hour or two of reading aloud (whatever they can get me to do!) we do every day year round. We’re doing reading and spelling, basically, through the summer, just so my dyslexics don’t forget everything they’ve learned.

We did do some science last week, though! On Monday, the vet came to pregnancy check our cow. He uses an ultrasound wand to check, and it has a button you can push to freeze the image so other people can see what he has found. We were very excited to get to see our next calf, just 40 days after the cow visited a bull! It was a round ball, about 2 cm in diameter. He said that by 60 days they have legs and a head, and he can tell if it is a heifer or bull if it’s laying the right way.

A couple of days later, we brought some water in from the mucky, stagnant pool that was left in the creek out front, just before the boys got all the rest of the water pumped onto the garden. We had fun looking at stuff through the microscope. There were a lot of these round green things floating around. They moved pretty fast, twisting and turning as they went. We also got a very close-up picture of a mosquito larva (second picture). The big circle by its head is an air bubble.IMG_2322IMG_2328

Then, on Thursday, I took the children to Christchurch. Mr. Sweetie had fallen pretty hard the week before, and two doctors here in Cheviot said he almost certainly had a greenstick fracture. To get an x-ray and a cast, we have to go to Christchurch. Sure enough, when we did the x-rays, he had a small fracture. The boys got to see the x-rays, and watch the cast get put on. Mr. Sweetie is now sporting a bright green cast! I paid extra to get the lining that is waterproof, and I’m glad I did; within half an hour of arriving at home that evening he had fallen into the duck pond! IMG_2333IMG_2343


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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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