Carol and the Belles

I had the opportunity, over the past couple of months, to do something new. When my (current) favorite author, Chautona Havig, asked for volunteers to read her new Christmas book, Carol and the Belles, as she wrote it and help her launch it, I signed up. I’ve been enjoying reading another three chapters each week as she completed them–although it’s a little harder to keep track of the plot with that lag time in between. The book is finished now, though, and is publishing on Thanksgiving Day–she said it should certainly be up by 8:00 pm PST. If you would like some light reading after Thanksgiving, check this out. Here is my review; as with my other reviews on this blog, I’ll take it down when Esther publishes it on her website, so I don’t mess up her SEO.

Chautona Havig has dreamed up an incredible “hook” at the beginning of Carol and the Belles! I won’t tell you what it is, because that would spoil the suspense, but it’s one I couldn’t have imagined.

Read my full review here.



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