October 2015 Pictures

Here are the rest of the pictures I saved from October but haven’t shared here yet—just a mish-mosh of random glimpses into our life.

One Sunday afternoon when we arrived home from church, a howling nor-wester was blowing. Mr. Inventor figured out a way to get a free ride. He had taken the engine off this old lawn mower (although now he’s put it back on and it works again!), and this time, he took a sheet of plywood to act as a sail. It didn’t work as well as he hoped, but every so often a particularly strong gust of wind would really push him along his track.IMG_2090

Since Mr. Handyman has a job in the afternoons now, we often have worship in the evening, in the kitchen while dishes are being done.


Story time. Little Miss just got out of her bath. Mr. Sweetie, Mr. Imagination, and Mr. Diligence were enthralled.


Mr. Inventor goes to the local dump (a transfer station) at least once a week to see what treasures he can find. This hand-crank washing machine was one. We scrubbed it out thoroughly and have used it twice now to churn butter. This was the first try, but I decided that the drill would probably end up breaking it so now we do it by hand. It works pretty well!


My two daughters! Little Miss was very upset because she had to sit still for worship. Pure torture—see that face?


Little Miss is standing up frequently without support right now. She also loves to be under the table, or a chair. Here, she had a shoelace and was trying to pick up the shoe.


One Sunday afternoon the boys were playing with snails. Mr. Inventor, especially, played with them for a long time.


This shed got crunched a year ago when a tree fell on it. A few weeks ago, Gayle and the boys fixed it; this is the before picture.


A turkey on her nest.


Two turkeys sharing a nest. It turned out that they didn’t have any eggs! Mixed-up birds.


We’re hoping to soon have the money to spare for plastic to cover a small greenhouse! Mr. Imagination here.


Choretime. I thought it was cute the way the ducks were all flocking around Mr. Diligence.


Busy Little Miss—she loves to be outside.


I have the boys work in the garden for 30 minutes most days, to help pay for the food they eat. This day, it was wet so I said they didn’t have to—but then there were enough spats that I sent them out anyway! This is Mr. Sweetie, Mr. Intellectual, and Mr. Diligence.



About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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