Exploring Creation With Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day–book review

This year, we used Zoology 1. Here is the review I just finished writing of it.

I wrote a long review for this book, but it has now been posted on Esther’s website, so, in order not to mess up her SEO (Search Engine Optimization–I’m learning all sorts of jargon from her!) I’ve removed it from here. Please go here to read my review now. Thank you! exploring-creation-with-zoology-1



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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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5 Responses to Exploring Creation With Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day–book review

  1. Ruth says:

    Which of the notebook journals did you use? Or did you use some of both? I have the books and want to do them for science this year and am getting ready to start, but hadn’t planned on using the notebooks, but with the sale and your salespitch, I’m reconsidering. Life has been full of real life science…. deer hunting, butchering deer, chickens, turkeys, trapping season beginning, building a gocart from scratch, canning applesauce, finishing the garden etc. Now the days are getting cooler and rainy, so we will get more book work done.

    • NZ Filbruns says:

      I used the notebooking journals for the older boys, and the junior one for the youngest (1st-3rd grade, for us).

      • Ruth says:

        Ok, thanks for your input. I hadn’t really considered using them because of the price, but the sale may help. I haven’t been able to look at them hands on and so I was afraid I might think it a real waste of $ on a really tight budget. However, I’m having serious second thoughts if Emma thought it was worth the money :). I usually assume you are about the most frugal person I know. And , consider that a compliment please šŸ™‚

  2. Ruth says:

    Hmmm, just noticed this website http://www.swhomeschool.com has the journals and books for less than Apologia does direct. Also, free shipping over $100.

  3. The Apologia elementary science books are wonderful! I worked through these with my children and have to say the Flying Creatures of the Fifth day was my absolute favourite! Thanks for reviewing it and giving others an idea of this amazing series!

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