Answered Prayer

Over a year ago, I started wishing for another refrigerator. The one we had in the kitchen was leaking out the bottom, and, though bigger than the one we had in the laundry room for milk, it was small for our family. For a number of years I had been wanting a fridge with the freezer on bottom. I looked at prices online and discovered that a new fridge the size I wanted would be about $2,000! No way could we afford that. Then, we were able to fix the problem and the fridge no longer leaked. Whew.

Next, we moved, a year ago, and needed to switch the doors on the laundry fridge from one side to the other. When we did that, the door no longer sealed shut. We had been having to tape the freezer shut on it, and now the fridge door didn’t seal, either. I prayed about it, and told the Lord that I was willing to keep using that fridge, but if He wanted us to have a better fridge, would He please let one become available locally. In November, I saw an ad in the local paper for a fridge! I called the number, and the fridge was exactly the same size as the one we had in the laundry, with the freezer on top. It was only 2 years old, and they were asking $500 for what would have been about $1,000 new. We took it (turned out the seller was a man Gayle works with), but when we plugged it in it didn’t run.  We put everything back into the old fridge and started trying to get an electrician to fix it. We were thankful that we hadn’t paid for it yet! After three or four months of messing around, the decision was finally made that it would cost more to fix the fridge than buy a new one so we gave it back to the owner.

I still wanted a fridge that didn’t leak around the seal, so I kept watching the local paper. In August, I saw a garage sale advertising a fridge, so I went—and it hadn’t sold yet! It was large, and the kind I had been wanting, with the fridge on top. It was only $80! I took it right away, and have been so happy with this purchase. We moved the small kitchen fridge to the laundry room and the old, even smaller, laundry fridge is retired in the garage in case we need extra cooling space temporarily. God answers prayer.IMG_1813

A few weeks ago, I was walking down the street in Kaikoura one Sunday afternoon, and kept getting stones stuck in the soles of my shoes. I thought that was rather strange, so when I got to the van I looked. I was horrified to see that my shoes, which I have only had for about eight years, had both cracked all the way across the sole! I loath shoe shopping, and have a very hard time finding shoes that fit my short, wide feet. That night, I prayed for a pair of shoes. The next morning, the boy who got the mail brought in a large box. It was from some friends who had just moved quite a long ways away. There were clothes for Little Miss to grow into, and shoes and boots for the boys. One pair of the shoes fit me! They aren’t new and I’ll need to find some others before too long, but they will work well till I can find some others. What a quick answer to prayer!


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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One Response to Answered Prayer

  1. That was a great answered prayer. I too need a new fridge, a new house, a new van and well that’s enough about that. God is GOOD!

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