Farewell to Picton/Saltworks

We drove out to an overlook for one last view of the Sounds. It was gorgeous!IMG_1584IMG_1585

We saw the Bluebridge come in again. This picture is very washed out; it was actually a brilliant morning, but the sun was wrong for a picture.


We also saw the Interislander come in again.


We finally left Picton around 1:00 and headed toward home. When we got to Dominion Saltworks, a ways south of Blenheim, we drove around to see what we could see from the road. They let saltwater into huge shallow ponds here and let it evaporate, then clean the salt up somehow.IMG_1603IMG_1606IMG_1610IMG_1612IMG_1613IMG_1616

And here is a pretty church I saw beside the highway somewhere between Blenheim and Kaikoura.IMG_1619

We made it home by 6:00 that night—so good to sleep in our own beds again after a full week away from home!

This brings my travelogue to an end—now I can go back to normal posts! It has taken nearly a month to get all these posts up!


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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