Wharariki Beach

The same day we walked on Farewell Spit and visited Cape Farewell, we also went to Wharariki (pronounced Farariki) Beach. Yes, it was about too much for one day, but as it turned out that was our only day to do all those things. Last time we were at Golden Bay, we wanted to visit this beach, but didn’t have time. This time, we made time, and it was sure worth visiting! The walk from the carpark to the beach was a lot more strenuous than I expected. I stayed in the van to feed the baby while the rest of the family went to the beach, and then I followed when she was done. It turned out that the “20 minute walk” was a fairly rugged kilometer or so, up and down hills, through a patch of trees, over several stiles, through an area of sand dunes, and finally across a long stretch of sand dunes to the sandy beach with rocky outcroppings in places!SANY0157DSCF9845

Mr. Imagination and his daddy crossing a stile. By the time we got back, Mr. Imagination was too tired to climb over the last stile by himself—he was sitting on it waiting for me to catch up, saying his feet hurt.


IMG_1481IMG_1482IMG_1483IMG_1485Mr. Sweetie



Gayle holding Little Miss, and Mr. Imagination, in the cave you can see in the picture above. The baby seal below was on top of a rock way up under the roof of the cave.



Sunset over the Tasman Sea


Mr. Inventor


We saw a few seals in a rock pool.


The full moon had just risen when we were walking back to the van.



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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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One Response to Wharariki Beach

  1. tnrunruh says:

    Such good pictures! LOVE that seal pup! And you look so young and beautiful! 🙂

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