Cape Farewell

After eating a late picnic lunch after the long walk at Farewell Spit, we drove around to Cape Farewell. It received its name because it was the last land seen in New Zealand by Captain Cook and his crew as they headed home in 1770. The cape is included in land operated by the Department of Conservation. The land is used for grazing animals, and we had to walk past a few cows to get up to the viewpoint. A crew of DOC people were cutting up a huge macrocarpa tree. We really enjoyed the bright green lush grass—such a beautiful sight in comparison to our drought-stricken area!

Mr. Handyman, Mr. Intellectual and Mr. Inventor heading up the hill. I gave them strict instructions to stay at least 10 feet from the cliff edge or be sent back to the van. They did well at obeying.


Mr. Imagination coming up the hill with his daddy.


The tree-cutting operation. They were putting branches on a bank to stop erosion.


The boys had fun rolling and bumping down the steep hills. This is Mr. Imagination and Mr. Diligence.


Mr. SweetieIMG_0356


The sun was in the wrong place to get a good picture of this rock formation, but trust me, it was spectacular.



Mr. Imagination was bumping down the hill on his bottom. I was trying to get a picture, and just happened to snap this as he flipped around to grin up at me. I love that look of delight!


Mr. Diligence found a cave, and Esther was there with her camera.


Mr. Inventor rarely slows down.


He did here, though!


How do you like the look of determination on Mr. Sweetie’s face? He wants to keep up with the big ones!


Mr. Diligence


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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2 Responses to Cape Farewell

  1. kirkvandezande says:

    What impressive cliffs! With a name like Farewell Spit, I see a teachable moment about the importance of punctuation, I would be inclined to take the “Farewell, Spit” side in the debate about the best way to punctuate the name, but that’s a matter of personal choice.

  2. tnrunruh says:

    Fun shots of the boys. I especially love Mr. Imagination’s delight! 🙂 -R

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