July Pictures

When the seed catalog arrived, the boys had fun poring over it and making out their wish lists. I let them order what they wanted, so we’ll be trying a couple of interesting things this year. This is Mr. Handyman and Mr. Intellectual.IMG_1230

We have sausages every Sunday evening, and Mr. Imagination loves to put them in the baking dish for me.


One chilly day, Mr. Sweetie and Mr. Imagination were soaking up the sun on top of the barbeque between the house and garage. Mr. Sweetie hid from me.IMG_1323

Mr. Inventor’s newest trailer—a local man helped him weld it with his MIG welder—now my boy is saving for a welder like that!


A beautiful morning on the way to church, with the Kaikoura range covered with snow.


Afternoon music at church—two ladies playing while other people sing.


We stopped on the way to church to watch some dolphins jumping. Then, we saw this kingfisher, and then noticed a whale (probably humpback) just offshore! We couldn’t get a picture of it, but sure were thrilled to see it!


This intense chess game between Mr. Intellectual and my sister-in-law lasted three hours! Finally, Mr. Intellectual won.


Winter chicks! We had two hens decide this winter that they wanted to set, and the first one hatched out five babies that lived. The other is still setting, but she won’t have more than a couple, if they hatch at all. She kicked most of her eggs out, because the boy who set her forgot she needed a nest and just put the eggs on the bare floor. Oops.


A friend of our boys spent a couple of nights here, and they had great fun. Here they were Indian wrestling. The point was to flip their opponent over.


They also did a lot of arm wrestling.


Mr. Imagination and Mr. Inventor were sick one Sunday morning, so I kept them home. They enjoyed building their own lunch.


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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