Little Miss Seven Months

Will someone please tell me where the last month has disappeared to? This little girl is already seven months old! These pictures have been taken over the course of the entire month—warning, there are a lot of them. My sister-in-law from America has been here with us for a month, and we took a trip, so I have an incredible number of photos to share here. She left yesterday, so maybe now I’ll have time to post again. To start out, here is our little charmer. This first picture shows her reaction to a strip of green pepper a month ago: She hated it! After a couple of tries, she wouldn’t even touch it anymore.IMG_1344

Checking out a sleeping bag.





I finally found the doll that  one of my sisters-in-law made many years ago when Esther was a baby! She made matching dresses for the doll and Esther. This baby has been wearing the dress, but I couldn’t find the doll until I cleaned the boys’ room a few weeks ago.


My two daughters.


On the road: she has discovered the joys of carrot sticks…


…and shells. This was at Farewell Spit.


Enjoying the sun and grass at Cape Farewell.


Vehicle problems meant that most of us spent several hours one day at a beach. One way we entertained ourselves was by taking photos!


Little thief! She stole her big sister’s apple!


With Mommy at Split Apple Rock.


Back home again—she’s now crawling, which means that she can clean out the cupboards! Watch out, world. How do you like that innocent expression?


She’s also pulling up to anything she can get her hands on—usually so she can taste it!


Mommy’s plate and spoon are good, too.


Yesterday morning, the children put the tray on her Bumbo so she could eat a banana. She sure made a mess, but loved the new flavor.



About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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