Early June Pictures

One morning, a day that Gayle was home, one of the boys brought wood in for the fire. The wheelbarrow tire was flat, so they started taking it apart—in the living room—to figure out what the problem was! Clockwise from left, Mr. Handyman, Mr. Intellectual, Mr. Inventor, and Mr. Diligence.IMG_0796

Mr. Inventor’s turkeys are gorgeous! I do love turkeys, so maybe I’m prejudiced, but I love watching them strut around and show off. Of the four young ones who have been living in the paddock with their parents (only three now, as we roasted one last week), three were toms. So funny to see them slowly turning around, with all feathers fluffed up and tails fanned out, and wings brushing the ground. Then, you touch them and they instantly deflate.IMG_0810IMG_1103

Gayle and the boys built me a laundry-dryer that hangs up by the ceiling. The ceilings in this 100-year-old house are very high, so of course there is a lot of heat lost up there. They took the side of an old baby crib and tied ropes to it, then ran the ropes through some eye-bolts they screwed securely into the ceiling joists. When there is laundry to dry, let the dryer down, load it, then pull it up, above eye-level, and forget about it till the laundry is dry!IMG_1100IMG_1129

A few more pictures of our littlest cutie.IMG_1124IMG_1125IMG_1126

And a Katydid that Mr. Intellectual found in the house!IMG_1131


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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One Response to Early June Pictures

  1. Love the drying racks. I have a “floor model” yours would be out from under foot. 🙂

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