Timaru, Part 2

Saturday night tea was a barbeque at the house we stayed at. The people we stayed with last year, the parents of the man of the house where we stayed this year, were there. He is a baby-lover, and I was amused when he shouldered me aside to take my baby from his wife when my baby was crying! She liked him and settled down on his shoulder several times, like she doesn’t do for very many people.

Sunday morning was a normal church service, then lunch at the parent’s house, followed by an afternoon service, tea at church, a gospel service in the evening, and then a singing at the parent’s house again. What a day! It was wonderful. These pictures are all of the singing in the evening.IMG_0395IMG_0397IMG_0398

Our hosts for the weekend:


Grandpa saves the evening again! I was so thankful for the help with our baby.


I think this one missed out on hearing what the point of the evening was! He had fun with the toys while we sang.


Monday we headed home! First, we got a picture of the family we stayed with. Their hospitality was amazing!DSCF3114We stopped several times, and the last stop was a long one. We needed to pick up a rooster someone was giving us, and when that man and Gayle get together, they will talk a long time. We got home in time to unload and eat before bedtime, though. Mr. Sweetie got hold of my camera and used it to amuse himself all the way home. I deleted most of the pictures he took, but here are a few, including a selfie:IMG_0411IMG_0414IMG_0439IMG_0451IMG_0452

This little girl slept most of the way home, to everyone’s relief.IMG_0463


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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