November Pictures

Here are the last few pictures from November that haven’t made it into other posts.

My wonderful mother, several days after she arrived here. We sure enjoyed her time here, and everyone was sad when she left.


I think this is the same nest that I had a picture of recently, with the eggs in it. How ugly those babies are!


These babies are a bit cuter! The ducklings are all Indian Runners. The picture in the middle is a turkey. Our second son has the ducks and a pair of turkeys. He put some of each kind of egg under a hen, so the turkey hatched with the ducklings. For several days, until two more turkeys hatched, he thought he was a duckling—see how he’s wading in his water! The ducklings love water from day one; they take baths frequently. It is quite a challenge to keep their water dish full, and their bedding halfway dry. We were all glad when they could be moved out to the chicken coop.


We went to Gore Bay the last week Mom was here. I think it had been a year or so since we had gone out there. The boys loved playing in the water!


Near the end of Mom’s stay, we celebrated American Thanksgiving Day. We made a Thanksgiving dinner for our evening meal, and invited some local friends to enjoy it with us. We roasted a large chicken, made mashed potatoes and gravy, and stuffing, corn, and a big salad (fresh from the garden—not exactly normal in America this time of year!) and some cranberry sauce with a package of frozen cranberries I had been able to find awhile back. For dessert I made a pumpkin custard, and Mom and one of the boys made lemon meringue pies.  I intended to get a few more pictures, but I guess I’m not a real good blogger—this is the only one I remembered to take!


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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