Some Views of Our New House

My 8-year-old went around taking pictures the other day of this new place, so I can share with you some of the grounds. I haven’t taken any inside yet, so you’ll have to wait till another time to see that.


Esther’s sleepout—the gray-green bush beside her porch is wormwood.


The creek in front of the house (there is also one at the back of the property).


The garage, by the house. I have the freezers in the right-hand side, and behind that is a stage with some built-in shelving, plus shelves we put in, where all our jars of food are.


The daffodils are in full bloom right now on the east side of the creek.


The container/sleepout, and fertilizer for the garden.


The lemon tree, in a sunny, sheltered corner of the house.


The sand box, under the water tank—the littlest boy’s favorite place!


Another sleepout, inside and out.


Some of the piles of junk! After the ground dries out, they are planning to clean up. The last picture is a World War II crane. The owner here is a trucker/mechanic/antique car collector.


The creek at the back of the 5 acres, with a couple of cabbage trees.


The bridge over the back creek!


A pukeko nest the boys found.


Our two ram lambs.


I took these pictures during school the other morning—this is the view from the school room!


Monday evening, Gayle brought a surprise home from work—a ewe lamb! She was not impressed at being taken away from her mother and tied up. She has since decided, however, that our oldest boy is her mother and will follow him everywhere. He led her into the kitchen a couple nights ago. She promptly squatted and left behind a puddle! He got to clean it up.

About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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