Why We Pray for Protection on the Way to Church

We may have the most beautiful drive to church in the world, but it is also dangerous. We’ve had two vivid illustrations of that in the past three weeks. Today, we saw this on the way to and from church:IMG_0033IMG_0034

The pictures aren’t very good, because I snapped them quickly as we drove by. It looked as though the truck hit the rock cliff on the other side of the highway, and rolled. The tractor and trailer ended up unhooked, and facing each other, both quite a mess. It’s hard to imagine anyone getting out of that truck without serious injuries. The only news article I could find about it, however, didn’t have any real information except that it happened late last night and one person was thought to be injured; the highway was closed for a few hours.

Three weeks ago, on the same route but several miles farther south, there was a horrific accident, also a truck. The truckie had apparently crossed the highway and crashed through a guardrail, plunging 45 meters (150 feet) down a very steep cliff into a deep ravine, and taking 35 tons of soil with it. The terrain was so rugged that rescue workers could not reach the site on foot but had to be lowered in a cage from a crane. They had to pull the truck and two trailers up with a crane, also, and it took three days to locate the truckie’s body.  Very sobering reminders that God has our lives in His hand.


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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