Baby Lion

Our youngest, as I’ve mentioned before, has a very vivid imagination. One of his big things lately has been that there are lions in the house. He seems very fascinated, and a little scared, of his imaginary lions. The “baby lions” (pronounced yi-yuns), however, are a different story. Usually, they are invisible, cupped in his hand, and he’ll show them to you or let you cuddle them. Sometimes, depending on his mood, he’ll smash (hmash) them, then throw them away and get another. Where did such bloodthirstiness come from? I don’t know!

One day last week, he had a visible “baby lion”—this toy plastic goat! DSCF3098In the morning, he wrapped it up in a bunch of small cotton clothes we use for wet wipes, and played with it for quite awhile. After his afternoon nap, though, he couldn’t find it.  That was sad! He told me, very sorrowfully, “Yi-yun ate it.” (The big lion ate it.) DSCF3100

I remembered having seen it on a couch, however, so I told one of the older boys to go look for it. What a relief when it was found! He then located his pile of wipes again, wrapped up his “baby lion”, and all was right in his world again.DSCF3102

The baby lion, aka a goat, is wrapped up in that bundle of cloths.


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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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