Late May Pictures

One evening, boy # 5 was trying to make himself a costume with a blanket and clothespins. His little brother tried to help!


We had another heavy rain, and were afraid that we would have another flood, but thankfully the rain slackened just before the creek overflowed. We did have water running along the footpaths in front of the house again, though.DSCF2903

A mob of a couple hundred—maybe several hundred—sheep went past several days ago. The leaders were approaching our place, and the tail end of the flock had still not turned onto our road! Those vehicles in the distance are on the other road, behind the mob. The sheep were spread out over about half a kilometer (over a quarter mile).DSCF2918

This is probably the winner of the giant pumpkin contest for this year, although there is still one more to be weighed. This one weighed 30 kg (66 pounds). Unfortunately, we proved to ourselves that Atlantic Giant pumpkins don’t taste good. Actually, that is a mis-statement. They have no flavor at all! The cow got it, but didn’t get through the whole thing before it rotted.DSCF2922

I came in from milking one evening and found the little boys washing the window! They had great fun.DSCF2923

One Saturday, Gayle took all the older children to clean a house that his co-worker is moving into. I stayed home with the little boys. They get along so well together—it is great fun to watch them play! They got this barrel and set it up under the tree, then climbed the tree to get on top of the barrel. Big brother helped little brother get settled, and they pretended there was a flood. The barrel rocked back and forth rather violently, then toppled over!DSCF2930DSCF2933

Little fellow got hold of a small ball of yarn, and “tied” it onto various things, stringing it from the hallway into the kitchen. Then, someone helped him make it into a “hut”, which he is standing in in this photo.DSCF2936

This is boy # 3 doing his math—his favorite place is on top the piano!DSCF2942

One very frosty morning, the “lake” in front of the house was frozen over, except for this open spot in the middle where the ducks were.DSCF2944

Another morning, we were eating breakfast when we looked out the window and saw these two herons in the trees across the road.DSCF2948DSCF2951DSCF2954

I was out with the camera one afternoon and enjoyed seeing the ducks relaxing.DSCF2970

On my way back to the house, I opened the door so the chickens could free-range for awhile.DSCF2976

Our landlord worked for awhile on repainting the house and got this side done!DSCF2979


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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2 Responses to Late May Pictures

  1. Sarah Dennis says:

    Brilliant! Love seeing what your children get up to. Looks like they have so much fun. Love seeing the boys up cleaning the window, with Nathan’s pants soaking wet. I’m sure that boys have to be wet or muddy before the fun is anywhere near half decent!

    • NZ Filbruns says:

      I think you’re right! The littlest one, though, has decided he doesn’t like mud, after going out in it following big brother three times in half an hour one morning. The mud was icy that morning and his bare feet got too cold, and then I cleaned him with cold water (slightly grumpily because I was trying to spend 20 minutes doing a spelling lesson with someone else). Since then, he stays out of the mud most of the time!

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