Cows and Corn

Finally, I have this post ready. I started it two weeks ago! I’ve been having computer problems; I bought a new laptop to replace my Windows XP desktop, since after this coming Tuesday it won’t be safe to use it online, and the new laptop was not working right. We sent it back to get fixed, and haven’t gotten it back yet; hopefully sometime in the next week! Anyway, that, plus the fact that for four days this past week our power was turned off for seven hours a day made it hard to do anything online–besides just daily busyness!DSCF2079.jpg “Apples—I said, ‘Give me apples!’” This is Chessie, the cow we’ve had for nearly four years now. She’s rather spoiled.


Mrs. Moo, the cow we’ve been boarding and milking since I dried our cow off the end of January. She moves back with her owners when they move to their new farm the end of April.


The neighbor’s bull, who was with our herd for two weeks so Mrs. Moo will have a calf next year. We’ll probably see him again when it’s time to think about that for our cow.


Chessie again, two weeks before calving.


We went to the garden at the other place and filled the bed of the truck half full of onions, half full of ears of corn, and then the corn stalks on top!DSCF2095 DSCF2094 I liked the expressions on their faces in this one! They had fun throwing corn stalks out for the cows to eat! DSCF2106 Look how dry the hills were! That was a month ago; now the hills are green again, since we’ve had rain a couple of times. DSCF2104


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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