January Pictures

Time to catch up! Here are some pictures we took back in January that I never shared.DSCF1695.jpg


The littlest fellow still needs naps, although he doesn’t necessarily want them. One evening he fell asleep, and I laid him on the couch. When he started waking up awhile later, he ended up like this! While we were working on the new house, he took naps on a blanket in the corner of the living room.IMG_0198.jpg




This is a close-up of the windowsill in the living room. For 16 years, flies and bees had been the only occupants of the room! We scrubbed the white windowsill, then sanded and painted it—now it looks much better! I was amused at the layers of old paint on the outside; can you see all three?DSCF1766.jpg


The kitchen remodeling, getting closer to completion!IMG_0204.jpg




I painted the living room ceiling. It is wallpaper, but was looking old and dirty. The paint really freshened and brightened the room. I had to glue a lot of spots up, too.DSCF1762.jpg


The boys love playing around the creek!DSCF1763.jpg





The creek is nearly dried up.DSCF1782.jpg




About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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