Half Penny

Our fourth boy was walking across a muddy paddock one day last week when he looked down and saw a coin on top of the ground.  He brought it in the house to show me.  It was so corroded we couldn’t see what it was, so he dropped it in a cup of kombucha to try cleaning it up.  He’s changed the kombucha every day, and every day it has gotten a little cleaner.  This morning, he was looking at it and realized he could see words!  I looked closely, and after studying it awhile figured out that it was a half penny from 1915!  It has a picture of George V on one side, and a Greek god on the other.  The lettering around George V’s picture is Latin.  He was pretty tickled to have found something so old.  I thought it was fun to finally see a half penny–something I’ve heard of but never seen before.  It’s about the diameter of an American quarter, but half as thick.

The half penny.

The half penny.

To see a good picture of it, look here and here.


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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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