Dat is Pun!

It’s been a long time since my oldest child at home was three years old! Right now, however, our oldest five are working for our landlord, pulling wild turnips out of a paddock he has planted in Bok Choy for seed.  The turnips are blooming right now, but the Bok Choy hasn’t started bolting yet, so it’s very easy to see what to take out.  He doesn’t have time to do the job himself, so he stopped by last evening and asked if we could do it.  The children were glad to have a paying job, so I took them over just after lunch.  That leaves me with only two here–it is quiet in this house!  We worked on the bananas I got on special at the supermarket a couple of days ago–the three-year-old cut them and filled a dehydrator tray for me.  He was quite excited about that, exclaiming over and over, “Dat is pun!  Dis is pun!” (fun).  Baby played outside for awhile, and came in with a dirty face, laughing at me as he tugged at my dress.  After I tried to get a picture of him (he wouldn’t laugh for the camera), the older one wanted me to take a picture of his face “to see if it was clean” after he washed the chocolate off!  And now, I got a message that the children are done for the day and I need to go get them!IMG_9454 IMG_9453 IMG_9452 IMG_9451

Just after I finished writing, as we were heading out to get the older children, three-year-old asked one of his famous questions:  “Mom, when is Dad going to have a baby?”  “Uh, Daddies don’t have babies.”  “But you and Dad are married!”  “Sorry, only Mommies have babies.”  “Will you have two more babies?”  “We’ll see.”

About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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