Cherry Soup

We’ve picked wild sweet cherries twice this year, already, and I thought I’d share one of our family’s favorite ways to eat them:  Cherry Soup.  This is a recipe that my Mom got from a Hungarian cookbook back when I was a girl.  We always enjoyed it growing up, and my family loves it today.  I don’t think I make it exactly like the recipe, and I happen to be holding a sleeping baby right now so I’m not going to go look it up, but here’s how I make it:

Put in pot:
1 quart pitted cherries
1 quart water or fruit juice (I concentrate plum juice and often use that)
3/4 cup sugar (not sure of this one–might want less)
1/2-1 teaspoon cinnamon
Bring to a boil.  Whisk together:
3/4 cup water
1/2 cup flour
Add to boiling mixture, stir till boiling again and thick.
Beat 2 eggs. Stir some of the boiling mixture into the eggs to warm them, then stir them into the pot. Turn off the heat as soon as you think the eggs are cooked enough.
Stir in 2 cups cream or milk.

We enjoy this with crusty bread.  Sometimes this soup will be the main course; other times I make it to go along with something else.  Leftovers are great for breakfast, or dessert at lunch the next day.

The finished soup

The finished soup

Baby loves cherries already

Baby loves cherries already

IMG_9088 IMG_9095


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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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