Freezer Inventory

We had our heifer butchered today, so in anticipation of a freezer full of meat soon (after it is cut up and packaged) I sorted, organized and inventoried all our freezers.  It was amazing to see how empty they are–they were chock full two months ago!  We go through a lot of food here.

This is the most of what is in the freezers (I left out some little things):

Kitchen frig
cooked beef 5 pints
chopped peppers 3 bags
pineapple 3 small bags
mushrooms, fried 7 small bags
celery 3 small bags

Laundry frig freezer
walnuts 2 big bags
beef mince 11 kg
chicken breast 2 pkg
cut-up chicken 3 pkg
goose 1
leg of lamb 1
duck 1
casserole 1

Laundry chest freezer
peas 6 kg
mixed veges 3 kg
pumpkin 6 quarts, cooked
parsnips 3 quarts, cooked
plums 11 gallons
zucchini 17 4-cup bags
sandwich meat 2 pkgs
sausages 11 pkgs
whole chicken 8
goat chunks 10
duck 1

Shed freezer:
pumpkin 3 quarts
zucchini 10 quarts
cow milk 16 bottles
goat milk 16 bottles

This isn’t quite everything; I left out some of the insignificant little things that always litter a freezer.  What a blessing to have such a stash of food on hand!  And, most of it was home-grown.  The peas and mixed veges and sandwich meat, and the celery, mushrooms, and pineapple, came from the supermarket; the cooked beef, beef mince, and sausages came from where Gayle works; otherwise, it was all grown here or foraged locally (the ducks and geese were gifts from hunters here).


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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