Apple Picking

Yesterday afternoon we went to pick apples to feed to the cow.  Well, it was a great excuse to take a drive around an area we don’t otherwise have an excuse to go to!  We did get apples to feed to her, to help keep up milk production, and had a great afternoon together enjoying gorgeous scenery.

We drove through the hills to the west of us.  Lots more rugged than right here where we live!

The first tree we found that had apples on it was at the top of a steep cliff!  This cliff went nearly straight up–no problem for my fellows!  The rest, however, found a slightly easier route a little to the left of this picture.

I did not go up.  The two youngest stayed down with me.  After the rest had all gone up, the 2 1/2-year-old decided he wanted to, also.  As he was standing at the base of the cliff, facing it, he proclaimed, “I am going to climb up the hill!”  After a pause, “Where is the hill?”  I told him he was looking at it.  The place he was standing at was an eroded, rocky spot that went up at about a 45° angle.  He gave it a try, but soon gave up and told me, “This is a broken hill.  This is interesting!”

The next tree we stopped at was beside this wool shed/yards.  We only stopped there because we remembered the tree from last year.  It bears small, delicious orange apples.  There were two left.  We went several weeks later this year than last.

The birds had gotten most of the apples from this tree, but we got some that weren’t too rotten .

After picking up apples from that last tree, we allowed the boys to run on ahead and see how far they could get before we caught up with them.  We drove slowly to give them time, and I believe they got most of a kilometer!  The one in the lead kept going till he had gone probably twice as far as the others before they gave up.  They had fun doing that!

This hillside dotted with Angus cows was beautiful–and we got to see it from both sides.  The road continues on, then doubles back just beside those pine trees at the top of the photo.


About NZ Filbruns

A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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