This Has Been an Interesting Week!

This week has been very full, and I haven’t had any great inspirations for a good post, so here’s a quick look through some pictures Esther took throughout the week.

Sunday morning was a beautiful morning to drive to church–but apparently eggs are not a good choice for Sunday morning breakfast.  I’ve been watching what we eat and how the children react in terms of carsickness (quite an issue when you go through the Hundalees and along the coast!), and the two weeks lately that we’ve had eggs we’ve had a lot of complaints about upset tummies.  The week in between, when we had granola, no one complained.  Anyway, this time the youngest got sick, for the first time, and got you-know-what all over his shirt, pants, and car seat.  We pulled off immediately and cleaned up while the children enjoyed the ocean.  What we didn’t get a picture of was Daddy down at the water, rinsing out the shirt and pants when an extra-large wave drenched him!

Sunday evening after we got home, one boy asked to look up how to make a slingshot, on YouTube.  A magpie has been terrorizing the boys, and drew blood on one the day before–he came in with his hand pressed against his head, and blood streaming down his forehead. It seems to be a juvenile magpie, just having fun.  (The juvenile delinquent of the bird world?)  So, my boys are out to protect their family from this terrorist and a slingshot seemed to be a halfway decent idea.  This was what he came up with, and we had the materials on hand (milk bottle top and balloon; he added duct tape to secure the balloon later):

Monday was a gorgeous day, and my photographer got some beautiful shots of the animals and the views from around the house.

Our landlord's paddock of wheat and corners of some of our raised beds.

The littlest goat kids--tied out because otherwise they will steal all the milk we need!

The cow--happy because she can be near one of the calves, even though he isn't hers.

The hills west of us in the evening; wheat in the foreground.

Tuesday we went to Christchurch for Dead Boring (homeschool writing group).  The younger children were playing at making a garden in the afternoon.  All five of my boys are in this group–can you pick them out?

The family who hosted DB this time live across the street from the Avon River–still beautiful in most places even if sewage gets in it now!  The water level seems a lot higher than before the February earthquake; if I understand right, the bed of the river was pushed up.

The house next door to our friends is unoccupied; the people moved out after the September quake over a year ago.  This crack goes through their yard.

We drove through a section of town that I hadn’t been in since a week before the February quake.  Although a lot has been cleaned up, the destruction is still incredible.  It seems like all the older, beautiful buildings are gone or going, and only the newer, less pretty ones are left.  So sad.

This picture doesn't show it very well, but the whole house was sort of "wracked"--almost twisted. This entire area is going to be demolished and not rebuilt.

The Grand Chancellor Hotel--tallest building in Christchurch. It's been leaning since February 22, and now it's being demolished.

Churches, built out of brick or stone, suffered the most.

…And we were glad to get back home again to our peaceful spot in the country, far away from the quakes and the city!

The roses are blooming!  With 40 bushes around the house, and most of them different varieties, we enjoy quite the array of colors.

While I was in town on Tuesday, I bought 30 kilograms of carrots.  I wanted to bottle 20 kg of them for quick additions to soups, so Wednesday I had the boys peel and chop while I read to them.  They did about half that day.  The next day, they got started on the remaining carrots before I even suggested it, and before I knew what was happening they were finished–with no story to listen to!  They were racing to see who could peel and chop five the quickest.  My boys are growing up.

Friday we went back to Christchurch because Gayle had a series of appointments with medical professionals to get a paper saying that he does not have tuberculosis.  Hopefully now our permanent residency visa will go through.

So there you have it–the partial story of our week!  I am very thankful that I don’t have to go to town very often, let alone twice in a week!  Glad to have it over with, but I’m also glad we were able to go and attend Dead Boring, get the medical work done, and we even got to have a date while we were there (a dear friend kept the children for a few hours!).  It was also good to be able to stock up on groceries and get fresh produce that we can’t afford up here (I spent nearly $200 on produce this week–but hadn’t bought much of any for six weeks.)


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A home-school family living in New Zealand, with a desire to share what Christ has done for us.
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2 Responses to This Has Been an Interesting Week!

  1. Anita says:

    Your roses are beautiful! Good job, Esther, on taking the photos, too. Keep it up!

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