A Beautiful Day!

Esther wrote this blog post yesterday. I loved the pictures so much that I asked her if I could share it here. She obliged—and even put it up here for me so I wouldn’t have to figure out how! Enjoy.

Today is a beautiful spring day. There are hardly clouds in the sky, and the sky is deep blue. My brothers are soaking up the sunshine, and getting some fun projects done before we move.

When they were working outside my window, I decided to take a quick break from school and get some pictures of them.


One was working on his crossbow (formerly a combined rubber band/arrow gun) made out of popsicle sticks, bike brake wire, and I don’t know what.

Another helped with the project, and the last one worked on stripping more bike brake wire to fix the brakes on his bike (at least, I think that’s what he was doing).

The last boy tried to scare me with an arrow and rubber band from the former rubber band/arrow gun, but I just took pictures of him. :)


And, realizing that wasn’t working, he picked up his bike and tried to get me to take a picture of his muddy bike tire (it didn’t work; I got a picture of his face instead).

Breathing the fresh spring air and looking forward to summer,

P.S. We are planning, Lord willing, to move next week. This week, Mom was planning to get a good amount of packing done, but Sunday she came down with the flu along with one of my brothers. Then, another one came down with it the next day. Mom is finally doing well today, it’s taken a good three days for her to get over it. Praise the Lord, none of the rest of us have gotten it, and we’re praying we won’t! God is good.

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He’s Well!

Our little fellow is feeling much better. He woke me up, crying, at 2:00 this morning, and when I asked what he needed, he said, “Food!” I fed him a bowl of yogurt, and he was fine. He woke up at the normal time, smiling, running around thrilled to feel good again. After eating breakfast, he found a bowl full of soaked beans I was planning to can (bottle) today, and filled all the jars for me, then started finding lids for them. He’s had a few spells of not feeling happy today, but overall he’s done great. DSCF3249

And a bonus picture…tonight’s fad was building a house of cards!DSCF3252

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Still Sick—but better

Our little sickie is still under the weather. He’s spent all day laying on the couch or his sister’s bed, resting. This afternoon, though, he has eaten a fair amount, and this evening he sat up for awhile! We’re taking turns holding him and entertaining him, which he loves. Good thing there are a lot of us! This picture shows what is happening right now. One thing special about this picture is that the big brother who is reading to him is severely dyslexic and it has taken years for him to be able to read well enough to do this! He is reading slowly but quite well.DSCF3248

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Poor Sick Little Boy

We don’t often have anybody sick around here, but the youngest was out-of-sorts this morning, and then started feeling hot. By lunch time he was obviously sick, with probably an ear ache and fever, and he’s been laying around all afternoon—not like him at all. Poor fellow. I’m afraid it’s a nasty flu that’s been going around, which we were exposed to three times last week. I’ve gotten to cuddle him more than usual!DSCF3241

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July Pictures

I saved a grand total of four pictures from the memory card in July! Apparently, we didn’t do much during that month. We’ve basically been doing school and looking at houses.DSCF3063

Cats, as you know, like their comfort. This one found a sunny window out of reach of the chickens where he could keep warm one afternoon.



This is a model heart, made of homemade graham crackers, marshmallows, and icing. It is supposed to represent the circulation of deoxygenated blood into the heart and out to the lungs; then oxygenated blood into the heart and back out to the body. Of course the most fun part was eating it. Looks like the little brother in the background is afraid he won’t get a taste!DSCF3109

Who can say no to that little face asking sweetly, “Pwum?” Of course, he got one!

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Why We Pray for Protection on the Way to Church

We may have the most beautiful drive to church in the world, but it is also dangerous. We’ve had two vivid illustrations of that in the past three weeks. Today, we saw this on the way to and from church:IMG_0033IMG_0034

The pictures aren’t very good, because I snapped them quickly as we drove by. It looked as though the truck hit the rock cliff on the other side of the highway, and rolled. The tractor and trailer ended up unhooked, and facing each other, both quite a mess. It’s hard to imagine anyone getting out of that truck without serious injuries. The only news article I could find about it, however, didn’t have any real information except that it happened late last night and one person was thought to be injured; the highway was closed for a few hours.

Three weeks ago, on the same route but several miles farther south, there was a horrific accident, also a truck. The truckie had apparently crossed the highway and crashed through a guardrail, plunging 45 meters (150 feet) down a very steep cliff into a deep ravine, and taking 35 tons of soil with it. The terrain was so rugged that rescue workers could not reach the site on foot but had to be lowered in a cage from a crane. They had to pull the truck and two trailers up with a crane, also, and it took three days to locate the truckie’s body.  Very sobering reminders that God has our lives in His hand.

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Our New Baby!

We were given a new baby yesterday: this little orphaned lamb. He’s about four days old right now, and got a good start from his mother before she was put down because she was old and sick. Our two littlest, especially, are in love with him. I’ve taught the four-year-old how to mix the milk powder for the lamb’s bottle, and the two of them are taking charge (under supervision) of feeding him. DSCF3188

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